Job Networks For Military Veterans Have Really Helped My Unit Out

Before we were deployed to the Middle East, my unit commanding officer liked to threaten us that he was not someone we would have to put up with just during our time in uniform. In fact, he threatened that before both our deployments, and enjoyed joking about how he’d be looking after us even after we got discharged.

He did earn our loyalty. We had very few casualties while overseas, and everyone under his command got honorable discharges. He ran a tight ship.

As guys started leaving the service, I started hearing from them on Facebook, and apparently the CO wasn’t kidding. He’d call them the very day after they were discharged.

Apparently he’d been keeping in touch with job networks for military veterans so he could line up work for his former subordinates after they went back to civilian life.

I love the military, and it was an honor to serve, but getting you ready to go back to civilian life is not something they particularly excel at.

I was one of the last of the unit to leave, as I’d had a few promotions. It was almost a week before the CO called me, but he had a contact for me in one of his job networks for military veterans. God bless him.

Hello, and thanks for stopping

Hello, and thanks for checking out my blog. My name is Rick, and I’m currently in the Air Force. Serving in the military has been a great honor, serving our country and picking up many intangible skills that will help me with character as well as jobs down the road.

Since I will be getting out of the military next year, I have started to think about what kind of job I would like to have. I plan to use job networks for military veterans to help me find the right job. I need to figure out which ones are worth working with and which ones are not. I wanted to write this blog to help me collect my own thoughts, as well as help others that might be in the same boat.

I would like a job network that keeps my service years in mind when I am looking for a job. I know some employers look for veterans and would like to see if I could find a job with one of those companies.

I would also like a job network that has a lot to choose from. Doing a search and only coming up with one or two results is not what I am looking for. I want to apply to a lot of places so I have a better chance of finding a job.

Ideally, I would like to get some help with my resume. If someone could help me get it done correctly I would be more likely to be hired on for a job. I know I have a lot of work to do in order to start applying.

Finding a job isn’t always easy. A lot of the jobs that are available right now don’t pay very well, and they don’t offer a lot of room for growth. If you’re struggling to find a job, and you’re a veteran, you should know that there are other options available to you. You could use job networks for military veterans to find the kind of job you are looking for.

These networks will help you to connect with people that are looking to fill positions. You and other veterans will be able to work to support and help each other.

Networking has always been a crucial part of the job industry. When you have connections at various businesses, you can find out about a job opening before it is ever listed to the general public.

You worked hard to forge connections while you were in the military. There is no reason not to take advantage of these connections now.

There are a lot of great job networks out there. Take a closer look at them and see if you might be able to find an excellent, high-paying job this way. You can get the kind of job you’ve been seeking.