Job Networks For Military Veterans Have Really Helped My Unit Out

Before we were deployed to the Middle East, my unit commanding officer liked to threaten us that he was not someone we would have to put up with just during our time in uniform. In fact, he threatened that before both our deployments, and enjoyed joking about how he’d be looking after us even after we got discharged.

He did earn our loyalty. We had very few casualties while overseas, and everyone under his command got honorable discharges. He ran a tight ship.

As guys started leaving the service, I started hearing from them on Facebook, and apparently the CO wasn’t kidding. He’d call them the very day after they were discharged.

Apparently he’d been keeping in touch with job networks for military veterans so he could line up work for his former subordinates after they went back to civilian life.

I love the military, and it was an honor to serve, but getting you ready to go back to civilian life is not something they particularly excel at.

I was one of the last of the unit to leave, as I’d had a few promotions. It was almost a week before the CO called me, but he had a contact for me in one of his job networks for military veterans.¬†God bless him.