I’m Hunting For Job Networks For Military Veterans

I’m hunting online and through every person I know for job networks for military veterans. I am not a veteran myself but my husband may be soon. He and his unit are still deployed overseas, and he plans on reenlisting after his tour is over. However, what we’re hearing around the base is that the unit is going to be disbanded when they return home, since overseas deployments are becoming less common.

It is just a rumor, and even if the unit is disbanded, I know some of them will be allowed to stay in uniform, but I’m honestly not sure if my husband will want to stay if the unit is not. I sure don’t talk to him about rumors though while he is overseas. He doesn’t like that, and I get it.

Still, I know he’ll feel bad if he comes home and can’t draw a paycheck. We’ll be fine for a while, as I’ve saved and earned far more money than planned. Family has been great about helping with the kids and bringing food, and I’ve had enough spare time to find a second job.

If he does wind up out of uniform, we’ll have months before money is an issue, but I’m still looking for job networks for military veterans in case he wants to look.